We try and help everybody who asks for our assistance, but please don’t be offended if we decline your request and realize that we lead real lives outside of Hackbloc and must sleep, eat, protest, go to school/work, party, etc.

To preempt the inevitable requests that we help you with illegal and often un-ethical hacking activities, we will not help you hack Hotmail, Microsoft, your FBI file, your ex-boyfriends email, etc.

We have several working groups that your communications can be diverted to. This list might look long and complicated but don’t worry: if you send something to the wrong working group it will eventually reach its intended destination however please take the time to look through these and find the appropriate one as it will save us a significant amount of time.

hosting - if your group need help with your site design, maintenance, administration, hosting or anything else site-related

education - if you/your group is scheduling a teach-in, workshop, or other event and you want to invite the Oly Hackbloc to attend or speak

linux - if you/your group need help installing any type of Linux/Unix/BSD system

webmaster - if you have problems with or questions about the olyhackbloc.org website

media - if you are a member of the media and wish to request an interview, statement, or field other inquiries

distro - if you need copies of anything from our literature/propaganda department

techsupport - if you or your collective needs tech support that isn’t covered by any of the other working groups

general - if your inquiry somehow evaded all of the above stereotypes and labels, this is where it should go

By Email

To send an email to the Oly Hackbloc just send it to workinggroupname{at}olyhackbloc[dot]org. If you use PGP email encryption (you should) you can search for our key on your keyserver or download it. If you want to anonymously communicate with us, try using a Mixmaster remailer or a disposable email address that is accessed through a program such as Tor. If you feel comfortable with a lower level of anonymity. a remailer such as this one may do the trick.

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